The Point of All This

As the founder and CEO of two companies, I write a lot of content specific to those companies and their industries. Well, I do so primarily for FrogDog, my marketing strategy consulting firm. (Want to read articles and white papers on marketing strategy and tactics? Click here. I won't post much on those topics here unless they're to cover my personal opinions independent of the rest of the team.) The other company, Twin Flames, a commercial property business, doesn't need much content.

But as an entrepreneur, I have a lot of musings that aren't related to the particular subject matter of my businesses. I needed a place to vent my other thoughts. Stuff that isn't "on topic" for marketing strategy or commercial real estate, or not specifically so. Hence this.

Let's be clear: Whatever I state here isn't the official position of either of my businesses (which are as much the people who work there as they are me), or of any of the companies or organizations I serve in any capacity. This is just me, being as "me" as I feel free to be in such a public forum.

So what can you expect? Slightly filtered, somewhat random thoughts from the mind of an entrepreneur/business owner/striver.

Be prepared: Some of these musings will have nothing at all to do with business. They'll just be about my life and where my head is at any given moment. I'm not trying to structure my content, exactly, even if that's a big no-no for a blog. (I have no plans to make money through advertising here. I'm not trying to cater to any specific readership. I'll write what I want to write, and we'll see what happens.)

Haven't decided for sure yet, but I may even invite other entrepreneurs/business owners I know to guest post from time to time. Which may turn this into an exercise into examining the mindset of Type A personalities. That could be kind of interesting. Right?